The region of Furano explodes in summer with vibrant hues of coloured flowers. Guests from around the world and in particular Japan descend on Furano to sight the vast scenic farmlands of lavender and expanses of sunflower blooms, evoking images of Provencal Europe. The undulating countryside is ideal for spectacular photography, gentle walks or bike rides. The regions views and activities can be accessed easily from Fresh Powder. Many visitors choose to rent cars and meander along well kept roads to marvel at the views. Making the region even more spectacular is the nearby Tokachidake region with a dormant volcano and jagged mountain peaks rising sharply above the valley.

Furano is located in the geographical centre of Hokkaido and as a result has become to be known as Heso no Machi, “the Belly Button Town”. This unique location and the spectacular scenery attracted the attention of Japanese television producers. Furano was chosen as the location for the soap opera Kita no Kuni Kara (From the Northern Country), which followed the dramas of a Tokyo family adapting to life in Hokkaido. The soap opera is still cherished to this day by thousands of guests who visit Furano each year to pay homage to the cottages and movie sets that played host to the series. The exposure and popularity of Furano spawned a series of actors, writers and artists to move to the region.

Festivals abound during the spring, summer and autumn period featuring events such as the lavender festival, Furano wine festival, cherry blossom festival, the “Heso” or belly button festival (a very unique experience), the cheese festival, the shrine festival, the fire festival and many more. All events are open to visitors and the local population go out of their way to welcome guests into their community. If activities are your calling then Furano is the perfect place. Hiking in the spectacular Daisetsu-zan National Park, Rafting, kayaking, canyoning a round of Golf, a game of Tennis, , Hot Air Ballooning,, Horse riding, baseball, tree climbing, fishing, craft making and mountain biking plus many more activities are all available. Best of all you can rejuvenate after a hard day in one of the many relaxing “Onsens”. For more information visit the Furano Tourist Association.

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