Getting Around

In summer getting around Furano on foot or via bicycle is an ideal option to see the area. In winter we strongly recommend using the local tour buses, courtesy buses or taxis for travelling any longer distances due to the cold temperatures. The most convenient mode of transport are taxis, with fares to downtown Furano about 1,000 to 1,500 yen.

During the ski season, we offer a complimentary grocery shopping shuttle twice weekly. Please check with our staff for details.


Walking around Kitanomine in both summer and winter can be very rewarding. It is the perfect way to discover hidden restaurants, bars and bakeries. The township is very eclectic and offers visitors an insight into rural Japan. We recommend wearing warm clothing in winter and only walking in footwear designed for the snow. Although they may not be the latest fashion statement in Paris, “gumboots” or wellingtons with a warm thermal lining are ideal in the deep powder in winter. In summer the moderate climate is conducive to long walks and hikes. In fact the summer, spring and early autumn weather beckons guests to stroll around the village and downtown Furano.


Furano Taxi
Tel: +81-167-22-5001
Chuou Hire
Tel: +81-167-22-2800

Furano is served by two main taxi companies, who both operate year round. Usually taxis can be found waiting in front of the Furano JR railway station or alternatively you can order a taxi over the phone. In winter we recommend walking long distances in the very cold temperatures so taxis are an ideal option. There is a minimum flag fall charge of ¥530 and then ¥260 per km. The local taxis also offer an hourly hiring service for passengers wising to visit some of Furano tourist attractions. Taxis can usually transport up to 4 guests. Details of the prices can be found in the table below.

Hire Period1.5 hrs2 hrs3 hrs4 hrsExtra 30 min
Cost ¥8,100 ¥10,800 ¥16,200 ¥21,600 ¥4,000
From To Distance Taxi
Kitanomine Furano Township ≈1.5 km ≈¥800
Kitanomine Furano New Prince ≈2.7 km ≈¥1000
Kitanomine Highland Onsen ≈7.5 km ≈¥2400
Kitanomine Farm Tomita ≈10.0 km ≈¥2800
Kitanomine Tokachidake Hot Spring ≈35.0 km ≈¥8000


Furano Bus operates two lines which connect to Kitanomine year-round, "Lavender Go" and "Goryo-Sen". The closest stop is the Naturwald Hotel, just two doors down from our apartments. During the peak winter season, the resort often operates a Downtown Shuttle bus offering a number of convenient stops through the dining and nightlife districts. In summer, the "Kururu Bus" offers a loop route linking up some of the most popular sightseeing spots. We recommend checking the current schedules when you arrive as they are subject to change.

From Furano JR Station to Kitanomine
JR Furano Station 11:10 12:20 13:30 14:30 16:35 17:50 18:50 20:50
Naturwald Furano 11:19 12:29 13:39 14:39 16:44 17:59 18:59 20:59
From Kitanomine to Furano JR Station
Hotel Naturwald 7:21 8:31 9:41 10:41 12:51 14:01 15:01 17:01
JR Furano Station 7:30 8:40 9:50 10:50 13:00 14:10 15:10 17:10
The information listed above are approximate distances and taxi fares only.


Travelling around Furano in summer on a bicycle is the ideal way to view the spectacular scenery and take in the crisp clean air. Several bike shops can be found in Furano and Kitanomine. Typically the prices for bicycle hire starts at a ¥2000 an hour. Most of the bicycle shops provide a guest cloak service, even for customers who don’t hire a bicycle. They offer luggage storage for approximately ¥300. When hiring a bicycle it is important to check with locals the direction and distance you intend to ride as there are some steep inclines around the Furano region. MTB Hokkaido also offer tours around the Furano area through rolling lavender fields that we highly recommend.

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