There is nothing more relaxing than rejuvenating in an Onsen after a hard day’s skiing in the powder. This incredible Japanese tradition is often the highlight of many guests visit to Japan. Onsen’s are natural thermal hot springs, rising from deep within the ground. They are renowned for having therapeutic qualities. An Onsen is a wonderful way to participate in an ancient Japanese tradition. However strict etiquette must be adhered to. All bathing is done in the nude and the idea is to simply relax in the soothing water. The majority of Onsen’s provide separate areas for men and women. Please be mindful that the Onsen experience is considered a quiet time in Japan.

Several beautiful Onsen’s can be found in the Furano region. The Ryounkaku Onsen, located at the highest drivable point in Hokkaido on Tokachi Mountain is one of the most famous Onsen’s in Hokkaido. The outdoor spring provides spectacular views of the Tokachi-Dake volcano. In winter the Onsen is surrounded by a sea of white mountains and billowing clouds. In summer the Onsen gazes down onto valleys of green. Perhaps one of the best ways to experience the Onsen is to combine a bathing session with a guided tour to the back country surrounding it. The Furano Tourist Association has produced a video highlighting the beauty and benefits of this Onsen. Click here for more details.

Closer to Furano the La Terre Onsen in Naka Furano offers over a dozen different kinds of spas or pools. The Highland Furano Hotel is located on the outer fringes of Furano. The Onsen in the hotel is located on the lower ground floor and provides relaxing views of expansive lavender fields in the summer and looks over snow capped forests in the winter. Perhaps the most convenient bathing option for visitors to Furano is located in the Hotel Bell Hills. The Hotel is located only two minutes walk from Fresh Powder, just down from the Kitanomine Gondola, providing a very convenient therapeutic option after a long day sightseeing or skiing.

There is a well defined etiquette to be observed when visiting an Onsen. Below is a an introductory list that will stand you in good stead:

  • Take off your clothes in the changing room and put your clothes in the basket.
  • Enter the bathroom with a small modesty towel and your amenities.
  • Sit down at one of the shower/wash stations and wash yourself. Soap and shampoo is often provided here.
  • Please make sure you remove all soap and shampoo from your body and hair before entering the bath.
  • Do not use soap in the bath.
  • The water in the bath tends to be hot in Japan. Sometimes you can adjust it by running cold water.
  • Ladies should refrain from putting their hair in the onsen water.
  • Before you get into the bath, tie your hair up well away from your shoulders.
  • Soak in the bathtub. Remember not to bring anything into the bath.
  • You can place your towel on your head if you like.
  • When you are finished soaking get out of the bath and rinse your body with clean warm water from the wash station.
  • Dry your body with your small towel before you go to the changing room.
  • Dry your body with your bath towel and dress in the changing room.
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