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Fresh Powder operates luxury accommodation in Furano and Niseko. We hope that visitors to our accommodation or these areas will find the following information useful. Please note that Fresh Powder is not affiliated with businesses shown below and cannot make reservations. This information is current at time of publication but Fresh Powder cannot be responsible for any unpublished changes.

The Niseko region has an amazing diversity of restaurants catering for most international travelers and dietary requirements. Below you will find a quick selection to some of the many restaurants that can be found in Niseko. We can recommend them all. However many more other great eating options exist that are not listed below. We encourage you to sample as many as you can; it will add to your Japanese winter experience. Most of the restaurants in the village have become very busy and seating is limited so it is a very good idea to make a booking immediately upon arrival. Bookings can be made by dropping into the establishment during the day.

Abu Cha

The food here is great. It has to be said that this is our favourite restaurant in Niseko Hirafu. Located on the corner just up from the Seicomart convenience store the restaurant is perfect launching pad for a big night out. The restaurant is very cosy with a main bar for guests waiting to be seated and a eating area nestled on the right hand side. A serving of edamame, or salted soy beans, is a must as a starter with drinks. The main meals are a fusion of Japanese with a western touch. We thoroughly recommend the abalone.

Jo Jo's Cafe

Jo Jo's is an old converted school house that was removed from its original school yard premise and reassembled by the owner in its current location in Izumukiyo 1. The upstairs restaurant is spacious and low key with plenty of English magazines and newspapers available for reading. The chicken wrap just edges out the burgers, pizzas, salads, milk shake and pasta for the best dish. Jo Jo’s is also one of the few places to serve a good coffee and hot chocolate.


Izakaya restaurants are a staple of Japanese culture. The name derives from “sakaya” meaning sake shop that serves food. You can see where this is leading. Senchou 1 and Senchou 2 in the upper village are both Izakaya restaurants that serve a good selection of food to accompany the generous proportions of beer and sake served. On any given night of the week in winter the atmosphere in the both the restaurant’s is electric. A cacophony of loud conversation trying to overcome the background music and laughter can always be heard.


Fujizushi is located on the corner of the main intersection in Niseko Hirafu across from the Seicomart convenience store. The restaurant is in traditional Japanese style with low tables and seating cushions on the ground. Guests are required to remove their shows in the genkan, a strict Japanese tradition, then walk to their table so it is important to wear good socks! The sushi, sashimi and seafood is extremely fresh being delivered from the nearby port of Otaru. For the adventurous we recommend trying the sea urchin.


Only new to Niseko, Wild Bills serves a mixture of enchilada, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, fajitas and an assortment of tex-mex food. The restaurants main feature is a large well designed bar where you can easily get your fill with frozen margarita’s. After the food has been served the restaurant migrates into a bar with a large pool table. The bar is open into the wee hours of the morning so it is a great place to eat and then enjoy a few drinks. Best of all the bar is only a short walk down the hill from Fresh Powder (unfortunately its uphill on the way home!).

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