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Nestled in Japan, Furano is a captivating destination seamlessly intertwining nature’s splendor with vibrant cultural encounters. Whether you crave the powdery slopes for winter escapades or the kaleidoscopic flower fields in summer, Furano caters to every traveler’s desires. In this comprehensive handbook, we explore the varied accommodation options, aiding you in selecting the ideal haven for your Furano retreat.

Discover Furano Apartments:

Situated in the heart of town, Furano’s apartments and chalets offer unparalleled convenience, with shops, bars, restaurants, ski lifts, and bus stops all within easy walking distance. Guests find themselves surrounded by amenities, ensuring a seamless stay. All About Furano, an exceptional property management company, extends a diverse selection of hotels, apartments, ski resorts, and chalets, tailored to accommodate any family or group. Your Furano adventure begins with the perfect Furano accommodation choice, making your stay truly memorable.



King Splittable bed, One Bathroom

1 Bedroom

Traditional Japanese Bathroom

2 Bedroom Ski View

2 Bedrooms, One Bathroom

2 Bedroom Tokachidake

2 Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms

3 Bedroom Ski View

3 Bedrooms, Two Bathrooms